INFOR SYSTEM 21 / AURORA Enhanced Support Win

INFOR SYSTEM 21 / AURORA Enhanced Support Win

Total e Solutions were approached by Europe’s largest manufacturer of car care products to take advantage of our enhanced support provisions. With a turnover of more than £100 million and being a FMCG business with customers in over 100 countries, they needed a partner they could rely on.

Total e Solutions appreciates that even the best BAU (business as usual) support teams in the world require some form of augmentation from time to time. In addition, we have identified gaps within incumbent support supplier’s abilities to support ‘around’ your ERP, or a customised version of it.

Our Enhanced support agreement(s) were born to fill those business-critical gaps.

The business is to use the trial to also take advantage of Total e Solutions Bespoke Support of RPG, RPGILE, SQLRPGLE, QUERY400.

We believe that our customer service levels are second to none, so if your company needs System 21 Aurora support or advice

then please contact Total e Solutions


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