I-Series Development

I-Series Development

Here at Total-e-Solutions we have over eighteen years of experience in developing, implementing and supporting i-Series (AS400) programming language solutions across all sectors and industries, across the globe.

Our consultants and developers are highly skilled in multiple i-Series (AS400) languages from the high-level programming language (HLL) of RPG through to its various evolutions of RPGILE, RPGILESQL, FREEFORMAT and RPG OPENSOURCE.

Our knowledgeable, skilled, team of Programmers have an un-equalled in depth knowledge of the IBM (AS400) iSeries DB2 database and proprietary programming languages.

Our USP (unique selling point) is that unlike employing a short to long term i-Series developer, all our developments and implementations are fully documented and optionally supported via our helpdesk support development team based in the UK, Mirfield, West Yorkshire. This ensures we retain not only the development knowledge but the familiarity with the business process and personnel. This business continuity is delivered via our helpdesk development team.

Helpdesk Development Team

Total e Solutions appreciates that even the best BAU (business as usual) support teams in the world require some form of augmentation from time to time. Our Enhanced support agreement(s) are designed to fill those business-critical gaps.

Augmentation of your existing development staff could be as simplistic as an outsourced BAU development insurance policy, through to onsite presence or a permanent overflow development helpdesk team specialising in RPG, RPGILE, RPGILESQL, FREEFORMAT and RPG OPENSOURCE.

Whatever your requirement, our flexibility and our core focus on unparalleled customer service excellence guarantees we will empower your development staff, whichever way you wish to configure your enhanced support agreement.

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