Infor System 21 Aurora: 1st Wave Brexit Pre-requisites

Infor System 21 Aurora: 1st Wave Brexit Pre-requisites

Infor System 21 Aurora: 1st Wave Brexit Pre-requisites

Whilst there is still no certainty around what Brexit will mean, what is a certainty is that businesses that sell to the EU need to have contingency plans in place that are sufficiently flexible on export documentation to cope with a variety of possible outcomes.

Does your company Export Goods or Services to the EU?

If so, your commercial invoicing must be Brexit compliant for November 1st, 2019?

A commercial invoice is used as a customs declaration and is provided by the organization that is exporting the item. The key to smooth customs handling, in any Brexit outcome is a complete and correct commercial invoice for customs inspection.

Customs authorities need this to assess possible taxes and duties. Filling it out correctly helps to avoid logistical nightmares and the negative impact on trade.

Does your System 21 Aurora Commercial Invoice contain the required export details?

Total e Solutions have been assisting our clients with Brexit scenario preparations for the last 12 months and are highly attuned to the business process changes and technical modifications needed in and around System21 Aurora, in the event of a deal or no deal Brexit.

We are currently implementing the 1st wave of known Brexit pre-requisites to our clients, starting with Commercial Invoicing.

Commercial Invoicing

Our solution is modular by design so it will not impact on any other business processes other than commercial invoicing. It is not dependent on, or requires any changes to, Infor System 21 Aurora source code, standard or bespoke.

The module will act as a satellite application that utilises and interacts with standard application database tables.

Our System 21 Aurora commercial invoicing solution can work with or without the World Trade module and produces all customs pre-requisite information that will be mandatory to EU trade.

For more information please contact Total e Solutions and one of our consultants will be in touch


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