Infor System 21 Aurora Brexit Commercial Invoicing

The Brexit Transition Agreement is due to end sometime in 2020.


Currently UK businesses can import and export under existing arrangements, free of tariffs. However, after this period, goods will be subject to customs clearance and inspections, while tariffs are expected to be imposed on goods that the UK sends to EU countries and on goods EU countries send to the UK. 

To avoid hold ups and the quarantining of goods between the UK and the EU caused by the lack of documentation required by EU customs, UK businesses are acting now by implementing reporting controls and documentation that will be needed due to Brexit, deal or no deal. 

The Total e Solutions’ Brexit Commercial Invoicing Module is a middleware software solution that provides the Brexit documentation requirements System21 Aurora clients will need, but do not have in standard functionality.

Our Brexit Commercial Invoicing module works for all versions of System21 Aurora

It reports pre-requisite Brexit documentation such as…
Customers VAT Number
Customers EORI Number
Clients EORI Number
Goods Country of Origin
Commodity Code
Gross Weight
Nett Weight
Total Gross Weight (Including Packaging)
Total Nett Weight

Total e Solutions have been supporting System 21 Aurora for 18 years. Furthermore, we have been assisting our clients with Brexit scenario preparations for  for the last 12 months and are highly accustomed to the business process changes and technical modifications needed by the ERP, in the event of a deal or no deal Brexit.

      Our proposed solution is modular by design so it will not impact on any other business processes other than commercial invoicing. Moreover, it is not     dependent on, or requires any changes to, Infor’s System 21 Aurora source code, standard or bespoke. Our solution will act as a satellite application that    utilises and interacts with standard application database tables.

          Total e Solutions will ensure the Brexit pre-requisite data is included on commercial invoices. Furthermore, we will be expanding out our Brexit solutions in the near future to help System 21 Aurora clients meet the new UK and EU legislation requirements.

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