For web services

soarchitect creates web services from your existing applications.

soarchitect enables any functionality defined or accessed using looksoftware’s ‘Dynamic Environment’ to be accessed as a web service. Use soarchitect, together with newlook and centric to reuse your existing applications and extend and integrate them to deliver new solutions as composite applications.

The business case for Service Oriented Architecture

Gartner estimates that by 2010, 80% of midrange businesses will be deploying SOA to enable them to benefit from compelling business advantages including:

By programmatically accessing existing applications, including midrange systems written in RPG or Cobol, reusable modules can be created without changing the underlying application code. These reusable modules, or services, can be easily accessed by other applications being utilized within the business or indeed by external applications. They can act as building blocks in the delivery of new solutions.

soarchitect - Case study example

‘Dynamic Environment’ – a single integrated environment for modernizing existing IT assets and delivering the benefits of composite applications. Dynamic access to the presentation, application and database layers, provides you with the flexibility to define your service modules to include the required mix of new and existing functionality.

VicRoads cut its development costs, improved agility and delivered a 40% productivity gain to their Call Centre in 6 months using soarchitect. By adopting a practical, ROI driven approach to web services, VicRoads has been able to take a significant step towards becoming a Service Oriented Organization (SOA)



The Steps to rapid ROI from the first project

he next project will deliver even more reuse!

How can soarchitect facilitate application integration?

soarchitect developer - an integrated module of the looksoftware ‘Dynamic Environment’

soarchitect is a developer component of the looksoftware

  • Newlook User Interface
  • Enterprise moderni

soarchitect feature summary - The simplicity of newlook and the power of web services...



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